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January 1, 2016
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January 31, 2016
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What Do You Do?

I met a woman once who answered this question simply with ‘I’m a princess’, and left it at that. I admired her audacity because she was actually a woman just like me, still trying to decide what she wanted to ‘do’. How fantastic that she had the confidence to define herself by the identity she believed she had, rather than the title of what she apparently ‘did’. I honestly think she had quite a bit of fun answering this question for a while! She is now the owner of an inspiring business called Damsels in Success. Yet for many people, this question can be quite an uncomfortable / complicated question to answer, especially for those who are struggling to engage with what they do in a meaningful way, or for those who have multiple careers, or who are simply in between jobs.

I truly believe that deep within our souls, we all know that the dream of extracting joy, creative fulfillment and genuine excitement and energy from our work is a real possibility, so when we struggle to find it, we can feel like we have failed. But the truth is, we have not failed, we are still on the journey and feelings of discomfort are actually positioned to serve and directed us in discovering our unlimited potential, or Self Actualization, as Maslow calls it. Brene’ Brown (writer / researcher) found that there are five elements that are important to discovering one’s meaningful form(s) of work;

  • Cultivating and sharing your gifts and talents with the World (and not squandering your gifts).
  • Engaging your spiritual self with your work. Brown found that people associated feelings of being close to God with fully operating in their gifts.
  • Making peace with what you discover to be meaningful work, regardless of whether it pays the bills or not.
  • Releasing the need to define your meaningful work by one career title, or by other people’s expectations. Perhaps you are a lawyer / artist, a wife / chef, an engineer / blogger?
  • Having faith in your gifts and talents and letting go of self doubt. If utilizing your gifts facilitates spiritual expression, it makes sense that self doubt hinders spiritual fulfilment.

What does this mean for you? How can you move a little closer to feeling more inspired about your work? It can take time, effort and courage to get clear about what is most important to you, so be patient with yourself. At the moment, it is important for me to do work that enables me to connect, inspire and to create. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below. We are all on this journey together!

Keep shining,

Jessica xx



Jessica Daisy Healy
Jessica Daisy Healy
Founder and director of Arising Beauty; establishing a community of women who are pursuing a culture of self worth, value, honour and integrity. Our vision is to equip girls and women with the tools and knowledge to not only transform their own lives, but to create a shift in the culture around them.

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