Arise in Identity is a 7 week course that provides girls and young women with a platform to explore the concept of identity, challenge unhealthy perceptions of identity and help them appreciate diversity and develop compassion. The course focuses on three key areas of identity: 1) Relationships - family, community and culture, 2) Self esteem and self image and 3) Personal dreams - vision, gifts and goals. The final celebration session includes the option of involving mothers or a chosen female role model. Each weekly session has an emphasis on the creative arts and lasts 90 minutes.

On completion of Arise in Identity, the students will be able to think analytically and critically about representations of body image in the media. They will be equipped with a greater awareness around their own gifts and talents and as a result they will feel more confident to collaborate with others, enabling them to take action on their dreams and feel inspired about their future. The course is aligned to the PSHE curriculum for schools.


It is well documented that girls and young women who have a healthy self-esteem are better at managing their emotions, resolving conflict and making positive life choices. Young women and girls with these skills are more emotionally resilient and are therefore able to maintain healthier boundaries within their relationships, attain higher grades in school, and are less likely to engage in self-destructive behaviours (such as disordered eating, self-harming, misuse of alcohol and drug usage). Our vision is to equip girls and young women with tools and knowledge to not only change their own lives, but to create a shift in the culture around them.

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    "The creative aspect of Arise in Identity provides the students with opportunities to explore their own journeys and gives guidance to develop healthy ideas about identity. As an image consultant with post-graduate qualifications focusing on female identity, Jessica has a unique perspective on the pressures placed on women in our society. Her approach is professional, novel and fun".
    Janet Seconi, Teacher
    Morehouse School
  • "This course helped me know why it is important to be true to yourself. I feel more sure of myself now"
    Bethany, Age 11
  • "I learnt that I can still achieve my goals even when I fail a few times"
    Lizzie, Age 15
  • "This course has really helped me to think about things I've not thought about before. I've learnt that there are many different perspectives and that I am beautiful in my own way".
    Ellen, Age 15
  • "This course helped me to become more confident. I now have a more precise idea of what my goals are'.
    Millie, Age 11