Director & Founder

Hello! My name's Jessica and one of my biggest thrills in life is to see people being set free to live their dreams and walk in the liberty that comes with having a confident identity and healthy self image.
With a heart for children and a passion for health and wellness, Jessica originally trained as a paediatric nurse. She then won a Scholarship and shifted direction to do an MSc and study the identity and image of nursing and women in the media. 

After her studies, Jessica wanted to apply what she had learnt to help others in a more practical way, so she trained as an image consultant and began to help women discover their identity and true worth inside and outside the work setting. Ever since, 

Jessica has had the privilege of using her tools to help many people relearn and reposition unhelpful thinking about themselves. As as result, she has been able to pull all her knowledge and experience together to develop the Arise in Identity Course for schools to support and guide girls on the journey to becoming self assured women, with the vision and confidence required to live life in all its fullness. 

"Be who you were created to be"