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January 1, 2016
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Loving the real you

As women and girls, our bodies are constantly changing throughout our lives. It’s amazing how versatile we are, really. But it can also be a challenge to accept these changes, whilst simultaneously processing the constant media images that seem to define beauty and desirability.

I want to be really honest about this, so let’s chat.

Now that Christmas is over and the New Year is upon us, many of us will be wondering how to lose a few pounds…and if not, most of us have experienced the feeling of putting on weight at some point in our lives. It can be a real challenge to LOVE our bodies when we don’t feel happy with what we see in the mirror. I actually feel a bit like this right now. I am struggling with the extra pounds I have accumulated and I feel like I not only need to transform my body, but I also need to transform my mind ~ especially as I believe so strongly that we really need to be comfortable with our bodies. We need to agree with our minds and hearts that we are brilliant and beautiful, not just on the ‘thin’ days, but also on the ‘not so thin’ days, on the messy, imperfect, and wobbly days too…and feel OK with not always being ok.

The trouble is, I believe that there is FEAR attached to letting ourselves go in this way…We are fearful that if we let go of the fear, we might somehow lose control and end up looking like a blobby mess. But this erroneous belief might just be one of the biggest lies that we are told on a daily basis…to keep us questioning whether we are using the right products, doing the right (or enough) exercise and following the right diet. What would happen if we stopped making decisions based on fear and started to pay more attention to what gives us that true feeling of inner and outer well-being? Maybe we do need to look at how we move and nourish our amazing bodies, but it is essential to do this from a place of freedom, abundance and LOVE, and certainly not from a place of fear. It makes sense to me that when we start to truly love our bodies, our bodies will start loving us back, and slowly we will begin to see what we want to see in the mirror. But first of all, we must recognise that we are amazing, powerful, and built for change.

Can you believe it? Do you want it? Is it even possible?

We would love to hear from you…Let us know your thoughts!

Keep shining,

Jessica xx

Jessica Daisy Healy
Jessica Daisy Healy
Founder and director of Arising Beauty; establishing a community of women who are pursuing a culture of self worth, value, honour and integrity. Our vision is to equip girls and women with the tools and knowledge to not only transform their own lives, but to create a shift in the culture around them.

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