The Gift of A Fatherless Daughter
January 31, 2016
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Gratitude when things go ‘wrong’

Practicing gratitude when things don’t go our way….leads to happiness!

How can we feel grateful when something goes wrong, when things don’t go according to plan? I believe that the key is to search for the gift in everything, knowing that things happen for a reason. But what about when really bad things happen, like when a loved one dies, or disasters happen killing thousands? Sometimes when really bad things happen we don’t even dare to search for the gift of gratitude for fear of being irreverent, but there is always a gift – even if the gift is to value life more and live more wholly, more intentionally, that’s surely a gift to be thankful for.

When I moved to London four years ago I was planning to launch my business and go full time as a personal stylist, but what I discovered was that it was very difficult to build my business at the rate I needed to financially sustain myself. Looking back, I had unrealistic expectations of gaining 100’s of clients overnight. I’m not saying it’s not possible to gain 100’s of clients overnight, but at that time I just didn’t have the right platforms and I wasn’t personally developed enough to do so. So I had to get a job and I worked as a marketing manager for a bespoke suit company and then for an elearning company. The gift? I was able to further develop my material through my new experiences and gave birth to Arising Beauty, the identity course for women and girls…I was also able to build a personal client base of health and beauty clients – and my experience of needing to take a step back in my business added depth to my offering and life became richer because of it. I now feel more connected and aligned to what I’m doing, which is great.

So what about you? What struggles have you had that have ultimately made your life richer? Life isn’t always easy, perhaps we all struggle more than most people around us will ever know – but struggle is part of the gift in helping you arise into your full potential. Without experiencing the darkness, how can we ever fully appreciate the light? So in the spirit of giving thanks, let’s find the courage to use our struggles to better serve others…and be grateful for the air that we can breath, even when things don’t go our way 🙂

Jessica Daisy Healy
Jessica Daisy Healy
Founder and director of Arising Beauty; establishing a community of women who are pursuing a culture of self worth, value, honour and integrity. Our vision is to equip girls and women with the tools and knowledge to not only transform their own lives, but to create a shift in the culture around them.

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